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InfraStruXure Central

InfraStruXure Central provides an efficient way for organizations to manage their company-wide physical infrastructure devices. Available on a range of hardware platforms, InfraStruXure Central acts as a centralized repository for critical power, cooling, and environmental data, as well as camera image data. The InfraStruXure Central server is a single database that can be accessed from multiple consoles running on multiple systems, which creates a consolidated view of the physical infrastructure layer. Real-time device monitoring, custom reporting capabilities, private networking, advanced security and instant event notification enable quick assessment and resolution of critical situations. InfraStruXure Central's extensible platform can be scaled to grow with the business by supporting additional device licenses, while powerful add-on software modules expand the product's management capabilities.

InfraStruXure Central is available in two hardware configurations: InfraStruXure Central Standard is delivered pre-integrated on a rack-mountable 1U appliance with 250GB storage. InfraStruXure Central Enterprise is delivered pre-integrated on a rack-mountable 2U appliance with 1 Terabyte RAID 5 storage.

Another configuration option is to store InfraStruXure Central data on an external database. The InfraStruXure Central enables customers to utilize up to five Network Attached Storage (NAS) or SAN devices, seamlessly integrating with current back-up and restore policies.

InfraStruXure Central Features
  • Manage and monitor all APC power and cooling devices, as well as NetBotz appliances
  • Increase availability and visibility of your networked third-party devices
  • Store environmental and physical image data on one central server
  • Create and save custom reports for visibility at any time; enables scheduled delivery of reports
  • Deploy large numbers of APC and networked third-party devices via auto-discovery
  • Organize devices according to physical location or organizational structure
  • Instant notification of critical issues via mobile phone (SMS), web applications (HTTP Post), and e-mail
  • Authenticate users via LDAP and Active Directory
  • Add-on Surveillance Software provides a visual record of who enters an IT facility and what they do while they're there. NetBotz Surveillance runs on the InfraStruXure Central server, and acts as a central repository for images and clips captured by the NetBotz monitoring appliances, providing users with options to quickly access "surveillance events" and play movie-like clips of the events
InfraStruXure Central Benefits
  • Provides advanced warning of equipment failure within the entire physical infrastructure so you can act before systems go out
  • Increases system availability; Reduces downtime costs
  • Centralized tool improves monitoring efficiency, IT users become more productive
  • Graphing, reporting, exporting tools make it easy to analyze trends and assist in planning
  • Promptly deal with unauthorized accesses to equipment
  • Straightforward implementation and administration; Low overhead costs

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InfraStruXure Central 2U View
InfraStruXure Central 2U

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InfraStruXure Central 1U

NetBotz Surveillance View
(Surveillance is Add-On Software)

NetBotz Surveillance Clip View
(Surveillance is Add-On Software)

InfraStruXure Central Spec Sheet

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